Sharing Economy vs Waste Culture Youth Exchange

Sharing Economy vs Waste Culture Youth Exchange

İngiltere’nin Londra şehrinde gerçekleşen Gençlik Değişimi Projesinin Türkiye’deki ortağı derneğimizdir.

Project in UK, London: “Sharing Economy vs. Waste Culture” – Youth Exchange, Erasmus+” 

Project leader: Be Enriched, UK
Period: 26th of July – 3rd of August, 2015, London
Country Partners: Romania, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey
Description of the project: It’s a sharing, learning and experiencing project. The project aims to educate and create real change in young people lifestyles and their societies through the discovery of ways to tackle waste, recycle and up-cycling. The involvement of youngers as well as understanding the community role as to decrease the waste and poverty. The project purpose was achieve a real exchange in ideas and experiences as to lifestyles of the participants and to support them to identify solutions in approaching the subjects related to recycling, reusing and upcycling.

Between 17 – 19.04.2015 took place in London the preparatory meeting for this project.